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Make your classic car look factory fresh

A classic car is a work of art, and that means it's meant to be seen. Make sure that when you're cruising down town, people aren't thinking "rust bucket" when they see yours. Bring it in to NEC Body Works, LLC and get the loving treatment you'd want your car to get.


You'll never have to sift through lies to get the truth; we're always transparent with you.

Get a FREE estimate on your restoration work

Before you think of rushing to a bigger restoration shop, let us give you a FREE estimate, and chat about what results you're looking for. You'll always get a straightforward idea of what we can do for you, so you can make an informed, smart decision.

Looking for something a little more customized?

If you'd rather tweak your classic ride to suit your own tastes or style, rather than have a basic factory build, then we're happy to help! We can do custom body work to give you the car of your dreams.

All your work is GUARANTEED!

Your classic car is important to you -- that's why you want to have it restored. So don't settle for shoddy work, and take advantage of NEC Body Works' GUARANTEED labor. You can drive in style, without worrying about everything holding up.

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